In the heart of nature
since 1923


Rigoni di Asiago: Origins

La Storia di Rigoni di Asiago

The story of Rigoni di Asiago is the story of a family business that, over time, became a major company. It combines tradition and innovation, respect for nature, and genuine flavors.

The company’s journey began in the 1920s, when Grandmother Elisa turned her beekeeping activity, which up until then had been something of a hobby, into a proper business.

Today the company is headed by her grandchildren – Andrea, Antonio, Luigi, and Mario – who are committed to respecting the values that Grandmother Elisa bequeathed to them, and to preserving her love and respect for nature.

Rigoni di Asiago’s products: an ever-growing family

  • The first product to be offered and sold by the Rigoni company was honey. Starting in 1979 the offerings were expanded to include monofloral varieties (that is, those that are linked to the original plant) – which at the time was a highly innovative idea.

    In parallel, the company expanded its activities at the new production site in Foza, located on the Asiago Plateau, and committed itself to creating a jam based on a unique and tasty recipe:  Fiordifrutta. Gradually, the existing products were supplemented by Nocciolata, a hazelnuts and cocoa spread, and the natural sweetener Dolcedì.

    The company expanded in order to meet an ever-growing demand. Today, these products are easy to find, and the world is becoming delighted by the flavor and quality of Rigoni di Asiago organic products. Rigoni di Asiago U.S.A., was founded in 2007. A branch in France – one of the most important markets in Europe – was opened in 2009.

    Today Rigoni di Asiago is a growing company with strong traditional and family values that it intends to convey to future generations.



Di seguito le tappe salienti della nostra storia:

  • 1923:  Honey production begins, with Grandmother Elisa.
  • 1979:  The business grows and diversifies its production, selling other products as well.
  • 1990/1991:  The new production plant is open on the Asiago Plateau.
  • 1992:  Production becomes totally organic. All of the products are certified, and are among the first in Europe to achieve certification.
  • 1996:  The Rigoni brothers create Fiordifrutta – an innovative, 100% organic preparation made solely with fruit and apple juice.
  • 2005:  The new logistics center opens in Verona.
  • 2006:  A mere 10 years after its creation, Fiordifrutta becomes market leader in Italy (according to Nielsen data).
  • 2007:  Rigoni di Asiago U.S.A. is founded.
  • 2008:  New organic products are created: Dolcedì, a natural sweetener, and Nocciolata, a delicious hazelnuts and cocoa spread.
  • 2009:  The French subsidiary is launched.
  • 2012:  The logistics center in Albaredo d’Adige doubles its surface area and storage capacity.