In the heart of nature
since 1923

Italian Honey

miele italianoRigoni di Asiago has always been attentive to consumer needs and offers a quality Italian Honey in a bottle dispenser format, in two different varieties: Acacia and Fiori. It is the result of careful raw material selection and control, “Miele da spremere (Squeezable Honey)” is cold-pressed and packed in the exclusive Rigoni di Asiago plants.

Inner quality, outer practicality. The practical “Miele da spremere (Squeezable Honey)” bottle has a special, patented closure to stop honey dripping, making dosing much easier.

By turning the bottle upside-down and squeezing, the desired dose drops out.

Italian Honey comes in 5g sachets, Acacia variety, practical when not at home, and in “family size”, 750g jars, Fiori variety.