Mielbio Miele Biologico Italiano


For 90 years now, Rigoni di Asiago has meant organic, top quality, Italian HONEY.

Mielbio is the ITALIAN organic honey selected by Rigoni di Asiago, in the best varieties and different flavors.

Mielbio can be “monoflora” or “millefiori”. There are 12 Mielbio varieties, from classic Acacia to Lime, from Orange blossom to Lemon, from Thyme to Chestnut, to Pine, to Forest…; all collected from the best areas in the different Italian regions.

They can be liquid or CREAMY, a new easy-to-spread consistency, with a more intense taste.

All comes from honey which, as we all know, crystallizes faster or slower depending on type, during the year of harvest. This process is modified during production by a completely natural method perfected and patented by the Rigoni family, thanks to its expertise in this sector.

Rigoni di Asiago also developed and uses a process method at room temperature that maintains at best all the taste of freshly-harvested honey and preserves its typical, natural qualities.

Mielbio is produced with full respect for nature and consumers, and it is a source of pure well-being.